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17a Mini Storage

Case Study: 17a Mini Storage - Establishing an Online Presence for Growth

17a Mini Storage, a family-owned business, had been thriving for years in the local storage industry. However, increased competition in their area prompted the need for a strong online presence to maintain their edge. Despite their success, they had no website and were virtually invisible on major online platforms like Google and Apple Maps.

The absence of an online presence posed a significant challenge for 17a Mini Storage. With no website and minimal online listings, they were missing out on potential customers who primarily searched for storage facilities online. This lack of visibility was affecting their ability to attract new clients, even as their storage units remained in high demand.

Recognizing the unique needs of 17a Mini Storage, I proposed a streamlined solution that focused on essential elements. The goal was to establish a strong online foundation that would ensure their business appeared in local search results and provided potential customers with the necessary information.

To address the challenge, I implemented a three-step strategy:

1. Basic Website: I designed a simple and user-friendly website that highlighted 17a Mini Storage’s offerings, location, contact details, and operating hours. The website provided all the essential information potential customers would need to make informed decisions.

2. Google and Apple Business Listings: I created comprehensive business listings on Google and Apple Maps. This included professional photos and drone shots of the storage facility, enhancing its visibility and credibility.

3. Local SEO Optimization: I focused on local search engine optimization to ensure that 17a Mini Storage would appear at the top of search results when potential customers looked for storage facilities in their area.

The implemented strategy had a profound impact on 17a Mini Storage’s online presence and business growth:

  • They secured the top spot in Google’s local search results for relevant keywords, leading to increased visibility and customer engagement.
  • The professionally curated Google and Apple business listings, complete with captivating photos, projected a trustworthy and established image to potential customers.
  • With their newfound online visibility, 17a Mini Storage experienced a surge in inquiries and bookings, leading to full occupancy.

By focusing on the essentials and customizing the strategy to the unique needs of 17a Mini Storage, we transformed their online presence from nonexistent to dominant. The combination of a user-friendly website, visually appealing business listings, and strategic local SEO optimization resulted in a notable increase in business inquiries, leading to full occupancy within months of the project’s completion. This case exemplifies the impact of a tailored digital solution on even established businesses looking to adapt to changing market dynamics.